Proven to attract riders!

This attraction has been tested and showcased at the Calgary Stampede.

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Flow Boarding; A New Recreational Trend

Something new and tremendously fun has emerged on the landscape; surfing (flow boarding) on specially designed FlowRider® pools. Currently located at over 120 installations in 22 countries, including within recreation facilities, hotels, shopping centres, and aboard cruise ships, the attraction to this ride is quickly gaining steam. We want to be the first to bring it to Calgary as a stand-alone attraction (not part of a water park). Simple, fun-filled riding on artificial waves does not require skill, although everyone will want to ride again and again to improve their abilities.

Above all, the FlowRider and its surrounding host facility provide a natural party atmosphere. While everyone “young at heart” is attracted to the challenge and fun of riding the FlowRider thereby encouraging them to go again. Even when not riding, the assembly of friends and onlookers who cheer and scream from the surrounding bleachers guarantees a great time for all. Further enhancing the experience, our FlowRider will be located within an overall recreational facility, patrons enjoy many amenities while at the pool for a day of surfing.

Typically set within a summer beach décor accompanied by the backdrop sounds of hot music, throngs of people grab a bite and a drink from a nearby food and beverage counter. Adjacent pro shop areas offer a range of boards, clothing, and other paraphernalia such that anyone can immediately have the “right” look. Nearby various party rooms host gatherings of friends for birthday parties and corporate events.