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Welcome to the Wave Center. A new and exciting, sport, recreation and entertainment venue. This is a great opportunity to invest in a vibrant new business in Calgary. We are looking for investors and partners in all aspects of the project to make it a reality.

This is an indoor wave simulation attraction for surfing and flow boarding, powered by the Wave Lock Flow Rider.



  • This attraction is skills base. It provides new and ever increased difficultly levels, so riders will come back for more.
  • This business will attract riders and spectators from ages 8-48. It will appeal to all skills levels from the beginner all the way up to Olympic athletes and Pro Flow riders.
  • We want to develop a full service facility, with multiple ways to generate revenue outside of the Flow Rider itself.
  • We are looking to partner with established brands in food and beverage, retail, sporting goods and other lifestyle businesses.


Click here go visit the WaveLoch web site.

I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done.



Here are some the ways you could invest in this project

Services Location Technology Staff
Run your business in the facility You provide the building Invest in the Flow Rider Hire our staff to run your Flow Rider
The Flow Rider at your existing location
(retail or restaurant)
Use your existing location Invest in the Set up You provide operational staff
Cash investment with good ROI Build to suit Provide building services Hire consulting team
Any other ways you would like to work with us, please let us know.

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